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10x10 Games traditionally include any game in which the player must place or rearrange blocks on a 10x10 board that contains 100 empty or partially empty spaces. These games often feature background lines that form a grid.

The above said, not all 10x10 Games contain 100 spaces or a grid. Players can experience larger or smaller varieties. For example, although the classic game of Tetris is often considered one of the best examples of this genre of games, it doesn't meet basic "10x10" requirements. It doesn't display any sort of background grid. It's also not played on a 10x10 board. Instead, it's 10 blocks wide and 20 blocks tall. Smaller 10x10 boards also exist. They're often broken into a separate category and even feature subboards or subgrids. For example, some people refer to 9x9 boards that feature 3x3 subgrids as 10x10 Games.

As with many puzzle games, 10x10 Games started offline. They're closely related to block-removal, shape-making and tile-matching puzzle games for children and adults that rose in popularity during the 20th century, such as class building-block and block-construction toys, Mahjong and Pentomino. Many 10x10 Games contain pentomino shapes made of five blocks per shape.

All shapes in 10x10 Games are based on polyomino construction that involves the placement or connection on a plane (i.e. board) of reflected or rotated, geometric, flat or dimensional shapes/figures that contain one or more squares/blocks. These ideas ultimately come from humanity's earlier, historic arrangement of polygons (shapes that have at least three distinctive angles and straight edges) in building construction.

Newer, alternative versions of 10x10 Games don't always feature solid-color squares/blocks presented as shapes. Instead, these games ask a player to place one or more non-square polygons, such as six-sided hexagons. These games are often referred to by a specific polygon's name. For example, a player might play "Hex" style 10x10 Games. Additionally, alternative versions often swap classic blocks with other flat-sided or non-flat-sided objects, such as solid-color, plastic, building-block toys, cut gemstones, jelly bubbles with rounded corners and tiles that display different pictures.

Game Play

The player's primary goal in most 10x10 Games is to create and remove horizontal rows and vertical columns of at least 10 blocks in length using shapes provided to them by the game. The player usually receives one to three shapes at a time. These shapes might contain one block that fits into only one space on the board or larger, more-complex designs with multiple blocks that fit into multiple spaces. To earn higher points, a player must typically construct several sections of lines before completing them so that they can take out more than one line at a time with the placement of a single shape.

The player aligns a shape on the board by placing it in a fixed position on any empty spaces or rotating it first so that it fits into available empty spaces. The game might allow the player to place the shape anywhere on the board or require placement at the bottom. In most games, the player can build connected lines at their own pace. They even receive a hint about the next shape or set of shapes available for placement. The player then simply continues to play until they run out of empty spaces.

That said, not every 10x10 game allows the player to work slowly. Some games have timers or drop shapes onto the board from above. The player must quickly place a shape or the game places it for them anywhere on the board, which can lead to gaps in lines or a pileup of blocks. When this happens, the player loses the game if the pile up reaches the top or the board.

With some 10x10 Games, the player must match or merge blocks or shapes to remove them from the board. These games share similarities with Match-3 Games. Players can also find alternative 10x10 Games that pop lines constructed of matching objects, which makes them more like Bubble Shooter Games. Lastly, 10x10 Games can even feature story and booster elements. A game might present the player with a booster that removes more than 10-block lines. Instead, for example, the player can remove every block from a large subgrid area or all the blocks on the board that feature the same color or design.

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