Hole IO

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Hole IO

Play Hole IO for free now on Jopi. Hole IO is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Play Hole.io, you control a black hole and must swallow everything that you encounter. With your Hole you can eat everything that is smaller than your own. Eat everything from the environment to grow slowly. Are you big enough once? Then you can eat other players, all players that are smaller can be devoured. You will then receive the opponent's points. but watch out because other opponents can also swallow you.

Hole.IO is a black-hole battle-arena game with snake or slither elements. The player slides a black hole around one of several available maps to direct it to consume everything in its path.

The black hole can only consume smaller objects, including other black holes. The player starts by selecting a map or landscape, or allowing the game to randomly select one. The maps include City, Medieval, Japan, Sci-Fi, Pirates, Post-Apocalyptic, Farm, Cartoon Town, Western and Vikings. In one of these environments, the player directs the hole to eat the smallest items or people first. Over time, the hole's size increases automatically.

The game features several modes, such as Classic and Battle Royale. With Classic, the player directs their black hole to consume as much as possible within two minutes to attempt to beat the scores of other online players. In Battle Royale, they must do everything possible to make their black hole outlast every other hole.

Hole.IO gives the player access to several free holes with different colored rings. The player can also unlock new ones by reaching certain achievements, such as playing for seven consecutive days; eating a specific number of humans, policemen, buildings, cars, ships, tombstones, crosses or even androids; and winning first place a specific number of times. They can even unlock new holes for reaching Zen and COVID-19 levels.

How to play:

Select a mode. If desired, select a map. Move the black hole quickly around the landscape in search of small items. Slow the hole under an item to give it time to fall in. After the hole increases in size, speed up its movements. When larger holes appear nearby, direct the hole to flee.


Keyboard: To control the hole's position on a landscape, use the Arrows or WASD keys. Mouse: Click buttons. To control the hole's movements, click and drag the mouse. Mobile: Tap buttons. To direct the hole, tap and drag the finger or stylus.

Hole IO Walkthrough

Hole IO Online

You can play Hole IO online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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