Sudoku Block Puzzle

Sudoku Block Puzzle

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Sudoku Block Puzzle

Play Sudoku Block Puzzle for free now on Jopi. Sudoku Block Puzzle is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Play Sudoku Block Puzzle. This fun sudoku / block game most resembles a mix between Tetris and Sudoku. The goal is to get all colored blocks in the playing field. If you make lines, these disappear. make horizontal and vertical lines. Do you play multiple lines simultaneously? Then you will get bonus points. Each level has a new shape in terms of game board. This way the game remains challenging. Can you no longer place blocks? Then you're done.

Sudoku Block Puzzle is similar to many of the popular "wood block" puzzle games currently available online. A player must create and remove green polyomino shapes made of blocks on a white-and-green grid. That said, it adds an interesting twist to classic 10x10 gameplay. Like a Sudoku puzzle, the grid is on a 9x9 board made of nine 3x3 subgrids.

Although the player creates horizontal and vertical lines with the shapes, they're not restricted to rows and columns. They can also clear squares as long as they make the shapes inside the subgrids. The game then removes these creations from the board, and the player continues to make more to earn as many points as possible before they run out of moves. The player earns the most points if they complete two or more lines or squares or a mix of lines and squares with one move.

Sudoku Block Puzzle doesn't penalize the player. It doesn't make the player try to beat a timer or use boosters. Instead, the player merely earns points. If they run out of moves, they can start over to beat their last best score that the game displays next to a trophy icon. The game also allows the player to customize the board for dark mode with dark and light gray colors.

How to play:

Select one of the green shapes below the board. Move it to any spot on the 9x9 grid. Continue to place polyomino shapes. Whenever possible, complete lines and squares with one move.


Mouse: To select a green shape, position the cursor above it, press the left button to enlarge it, slide it with the mouse to any spot, and then stop pressing the button.
Mobile: To select a shape, position the cursor above it, press the trackpad or touchscreen surface to enlarge it, slide it via a stylus pen or finger to any spot, and then stop pressing the surface.

Sudoku Block Puzzle Walkthrough

Sudoku Block Puzzle Online

You can play Sudoku Block Puzzle online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.