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What better way to relax and play a fun word game than from the comfort of your own home? The Just Games website features over 500 games for players who love everything from brain-teasing puzzles to highly competitive turn-based action.

What are word games?

Word games are interactive puzzles where players use word or letter clues to find their way to the solution. Some of these games have players finding words in a grid, while others have players unscrambling letters to form words. Other similar games allow the player to create meaningful sentences by piecing together parts of each word on a board. Word games can also include anagrams and crosswords, in which the puzzle-lover is given a set of letters with instructions to form words or complete a specific word.

What are the categories of word games?

Word games are classified by their difficulty level, so when you open the Just Games website in your internet browser, you'll notice that all of our word games are organized into four distinct categories. These categories include:
• Easy word games for beginners or young children.
• Medium word games for avid vocabulary builders and for players who enjoy a challenge.
• Hard word games for the word game fanatic and puzzle pro.
• Expert word games where you'll need to use all of your skills and patience to complete the challenges.

What makes Just Games unique?

Word games can be gratifying, but to truly stand apart from the competition, Just Games brings you their best word games for free. That means there are no downloads or installations required to access our catalog of exciting puzzles. Once players find their way through the maze of available challenges within each game, they'll be pleasantly surprised by how much time they spend playing.

Why play word games?

From building vocabulary to hand-eye coordination, word games offer a wide range of benefits for players of all ages. While they may look simple enough onscreen, these puzzles will provide players with hours of entertainment as they test their patience and problem solving skills. A great way to bond with family and friends, this type of game is perfect for parties or even gatherings with classmates. The match 3 word games of the Just Games website allow players to form words or sentences while bringing their strategic skills into play.

Where can I play word games?

The Just Games website is the ideal place to find your next word game challenge. You'll be able to search through hundreds of free match 3 puzzles while staying in the comfort of your own home, and our collection will keep you entertained for hours at a time. We're always adding new challenges to our collection, so you'll never run out of fun and exciting word games to share with your friends and family members.

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