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Play Aquapark.IO for free now on Jopi. Aquapark.IO is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Start every race with water slides last and finish this race with water slides first! Turn around, float in other water slides or block them - all you have to do to win. Don't get run over on the water slide! Drive over racing boosters and ramps for extra speed and jump into water slides

Don't baby the baby in this wild racer!

Water Slides.IO is a global, multiplayer racing game that features a wide variety of amazing sky-high slides and loop-de-loops in a waterpark environment.

The player starts out as a smiling, big-headed baby wearing a diaper in a white and red striped inner tube. Over time, they can upgrade to other avatars with the money they make from their race winnings, including a cuter baby in red footie pajamas, a bear cub, a panda cub, a boy and a girl.

The game provides several ways for the player to reach the coveted first-place position. They can speed past other players in the water or use the sides of the slide so that they don't bump into anyone and slow down. They can also place themselves in other people's way for a bump that increases their speed. There are semi-hidden boosters made of bubbles that increase their speed and striped, yellow-and-white ramps that throw them up into the air and ahead of others. Lastly, they can use their winnings to buy a percentage of additional speed, boost and points multiplication.

The player receives achievements for performing certain tasks, such as passing 10 and 30 opponents, respectively, and winning five races.

How to play:

Direct the baby down the waterslide race course in the blue rapidly flowing water or along the sides. Move them out of the way of other players unless they're directly in front and can receive a speed increase bump. Use under- and above-water and coin-purchased boosters.


Keyboard: To direct the baby on the slide, press the Left Arrow or Right Arrow.
Mouse: To direct the baby, press and hold the left button, and slide the mouse.
Mobile: To direct the baby, press and slide a finger or stylus on a trackpad or touchscreen.

Aquapark.IO Walkthrough

Aquapark.IO Online

You can play Aquapark.IO online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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