Beavers Blocks

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Beavers Blocks

Play Beavers Blocks for free now on Jopi. Beavers Blocks is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Beaver's Blocks, a block-removal puzzle game with a winter holiday theme, challenges a player to use spatial awareness and logic to place and remove wood blocks from a board. The player's only objective is to remove as many blocks as possible during a game to earn the highest score. They can then play against their last score on every game after to keeping beating their best one.

As snow gently floats around the screen, the player starts with an empty 10x10 block grid divided into nine 3x3 subgrids. They receive pentomino-style shapes that they must place on the board in various patterns to create 10-block rows and columns and 3x3 squares. When they're successful, the blocks disappear from the board freeing up additional spaces. They also earn points that appear next to a gold crown. They simply continue to play until no more moves remain from the available shapes.

Beaver's Blocks isn't like Tetris or other similar games that automatically fill the grid with blocks or time gameplay. The player can casually place blocks anywhere on the grid without any stress.

How to play:

Start placing shapes anywhere on the grid. Try to fill in rows, columns and subgrids as patterns emerge across the whole grid. Play until no more moves remain on the board. Check the total score, and then play again to try to beat it.


Mouse: To position a pentomino shape, place the cursor on it, press the left button, and then drag it to an empty spot on the board.
Mobile: To position a shape, place the cursor on it using the tip of a stylus or finger on a trackpad or touchscreen surface, press against the surface, and then slide it to an empty spot on the grid.

Release date:

December 2022

Beavers Blocks Walkthrough

Beavers Blocks Online

You can play Beavers Blocks online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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