Craftnite IO

Craftnite IO

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Craftnite IO

Craftnite IO, also known as, is a real-time, open-world, multiplayer, first-person shooter game that features block-construction crafting similar to Minecraft and Roblox.

A player starts by picking a username and avatar. Fictional avatars include Alice in Wonderland, Batman, Buzz Lightyear, Cookie Monster, Deadpool, Donald Duck, Elsa, Frankenstein, Homer Simpson, The Hulk, Luke Skywalker, Superman and Wonder Woman. Current or deceased real-world people include a member of Anonymous wearing a Guy Fawkes Mask, Bob Ross, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and Eminem. The player can also choose an animal or profession, including an arctic fox, a dog, a horse, an astronaut, a geisha and a ninja.

The player uses crafting tools and the environment to handle attacks and fight back. For example, they might dig a tunnel to travel from one spot to another safely while restoring health, create a deep, underground shelter to hide in or farm trees to build stairs to reach a higher level.

The game also provides the player with weapon crates that contain ammunition and a variety of weapons. The player might tunnel into an area to retrieve one or more of these crates.

How to play:

Pick an avatar. Use the environment for cover, including dirt mounds, trees and wheat. Use crafting tools to hide or create kill zones. Find weapon crates. Shoot or blow up other avatars.


Keyboard: Craftnite IO requires that a player primarily use a keyboard. Press W, A, S and D to direct the avatar forward, left, backward and right, respectively. To jump, press Spacebar. To see a full inventory, press Tab. To switch items, press a number key between 1 and 6. To use one, press E. To build, press Shift. Press Esc to restore the cursor and leave the battle-royale playfield.
Mouse: To look in a direction, such as up or down, slide the mouse. To aim and shoot, use the right and left buttons, respectively. To use an item, press the left button.
Mobile: To look in a direction, slide a finger or stylus across the touchscreen or trackpad surface. To fire a weapon, tap the surface.

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