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Soccer games are a global obsession, especially the FIFA World Cup games. Nearly 300 hundred million people actively play the sport. As a result, it has been called the most popular sport of modern times.

Also known as association football, football, footy and footie, soccer consists of two teams on a field competing to achieve the highest score by kicking a ball into their opponent's goal area. Each team's players defends their positions and goals by using only their feet and heads to touch the ball.

A Bit of History

Ball kicking alone or competively against others has been a popular pastime since before the earliest days of recorded human history. That said, modern soccer originated in England some time in the 8th century. Although an extremely similar Chinese sport played by men and women existed centuries before, it was the English version that took hold worldwide. It became popular in the middle of the 19th century when school administrators and others sought to standardize a trending game.

Penalty gameplay, also known as penalty kick and penalty shootout, usually attracts the most attention among fans because it can make a huge impact on how a game turns out. It's considered "nail-biting" play that makes people excited and nervous about the outcome. With a penalty kick, a player kicks the ball at the opposing team's goal because someone on that team broke the rules. With a penalty shootout, the kick or kicks go back and forth between teams to determine the outcome of the game during an intense match that originally ended with a draw or tie.

Video game creators learned during the 1980s and 1990s that they could simulate the experiences of real-world sports for fans and others through their creations. They also realized that some specific sports and types of gameplay excited fans and attracted the most interest in video games, such as penalty kicks and shootouts. With these games, players receive an opportunity to re-live their favorite championship moments or general play. Penalty Games offer educational- and skill-based elements as well.

Game Play

All Penalty Games feature similar aspects based on soccer matches, penalty playoffs and tournament-related and World Cup finals. They usually involve the player setting up a team based on a specific country. They then represent their chosen country against other countries or groups within countries starting with matches within the groups followed by group-on-group play. Bracket and fantasy league themes are common in these types of games.

The most popular type of gameplay features a penalty kicker or striker against a goalkeeper. The game might also involve defenders in front of the goalkeeper and net. With the latter, the number of defenders usually increases as teams get closer to the finals. The player swaps playing the roles of kicker/striker and goalkeeper through each match or shootout. Although they only win when they make a goal with a kick or header, they also progress closer to winning a match by blocking the opposing team's kicker from making a goal. Whoever makes the highest possible score first wins unless there's a tie, which then extends the play.

Penalty Games often limit the number of kicks, headers or balls. They include specific methods of directing balls and blocking shots. For example, many games use adjustment tools and indicators that help the player set the direction a ball must move horizontally and vertically toward the net and the amount of force or strength the kicker or striker must use when kicking the ball. When the tools involve an adjustment bar or guide line, the player must select a spot on the bar or line at just the right moment to achieve the best outcome. Some games offer a target to make it easier. These games usually also show where the ball is expected to land when the player is in the goalkeeper position.

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Go for goal and go for the gold!With our Penalty games. Always keep this in mind when you play a game with a goal. Get your head on what you need to shoot at and win the game. Score as high as you can and make sure to hit the ball real hard to get it in the net. Let’s see how fast your reflexes are and how good you are at estimation, calculation and timing. Play as a striker or even a goalkeeper. Whatever position you play at, the main objective is to win the game. So prepare those fingers and be alive, alert and awake! Tags: goal, hit, kick, aim, target, ball, net

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