Slope Run

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Slope Run

Play Slope Run for free now on Jopi. Slope Run is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Slope Run is a racing game that shares similarities with color-tunnel and helix- and tower-maze games. The player attempts to help a ball safely through long tunnels in outer space with dangerous gaps, fall-away floor panels, low barriers and other obstacles and traps in the way. They perform this task by directing the ball and rotating the sections of tunnels. 

The player receives opportunities to enjoy a Levels mode and an Infinite mode. The first option allows them to conquer different types of obstacles across levels. If they make a mistake, they're merely bumped back to the beginning of the level. The second option forces them to play perfectly. It also starts out harder than the initial levels. If they can't prevent the ball from falling through a gap into space, they're bumped back to the beginning of the mode. Slope Run helps the player by providing them with primarily flat ball-rolling surfaces. That said, some areas do curve and slope. The tunnel shapes include cylindrical, sharp- and round-cornered squares and hexagons. In some areas, the gaps are also too long to make the ball jump across, which means the player must direct the ball rapidly around this and other obstacles by rotating a section of tunnel so that the ball rolls across the closest available surface. These problem areas seemingly appear out of nowhere because of the speed of the ball's roll and the sudden changes in surface stability.

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How to play:

Use the controls to direct the ball's movements and the rotation of tunnels. Watch out for obstacles and traps.


Keyboard: Slope Run requires a keyboard. To direct the ball's side-to-side movements by rotating the world around it, use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow or the A and D keys. To make it bounce or leap upwards, use the Up Arrow, W or Spacebar key.
Mouse: Click buttons, icons and text. 
Mobile: Tap buttons, icons and text. 

Release date:

Jan 2023

Slope Run Online

You can play Slope Run online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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