Goalkeeper Challenge

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Goalkeeper Challenge

Play Goalkeeper Challenge for free now on Jopi. Goalkeeper Challenge is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
The Goalkeeper Challenge game gets played online using all the browsers in all the categories of sports. Since the incorporation of the game, it has received over 17384 plays. Most of the game players get upvoted to about 79% of them. The game got developed from the technology of html5 and can play on PC's desktop model of the pc and the mobile platform. The mobile platform brings compatible with phones of iPhone, Android devices, and iPad devices. The soccer game of the goalkeeper challenge gets played in 10 different levels, thus making it difficult for one to reflexes any of the savings and making the shots to get many as possible.

Goalkeeper Challenge is a penalty-style sports game that focuses on soccer play. As a goalkeeper or goalie, the player must block five soccer balls kicked at the white net that they're guarding. If they save at least three balls, they move on to the next match (i.e., level). The game features 10 levels in total.

The player doesn't receive an avatar. Instead, they use floating gloves to block the balls. Any time they place the gloves directly in the path of the ball, they either perform a save or the ball bounces away. In this game, the ball can accidentally bounce behind the gloves and into the net, which can result in a goal for the opposing team.

The game also makes gauging the trajectory of a low or high ball extremely difficult. As a result, the player might direct the gloves to a position that's not low or high enough. To offset this problem, they merely need to always choose a slightly lower or higher position than what they think is the ball's stop point.

Goalkeeper Challenge tracks the match level, the number of balls kicked, and the number of balls saved above the play area. If the player loses a level, they can retry for free. At the end of each match, the game displays a positive score for balls saved, a negative score for goals, and then a total from the difference.

How to play:

Watch the kicker's actions. Check the trajectory of the ball. Position the gloves quickly in the best spot to block the ball. If dealing with a low or high trajectory, position the gloves slightly lower or higher than the expected path. Win all 10 matches.


Mouse: Click buttons. To position the goalie gloves, slide the mouse.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To position the gloves, slide the finger or stylus.

About the Creator:

Goalkeeper Challenge is created by Code this lab. They have also created the following games: Crossbar Challenge, Penalty Challenge, Penalty Challenge Multiplayer, Frogtastic, Bowling Hero Multiplayer, Four Colors Multiplayer, Cliff Diving,

Goalkeeper Challenge Walkthrough

Goalkeeper Challenge Online

You can play Goalkeeper Challenge online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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