Stickman Swing

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Stickman Swing

Play Stickman Swing for free now on Jopi. Stickman Swing is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Come as far as possible in Stickman Swing. Waving Stickman to the end of the level by tapping or clicking on the brackets. Your stick man then waves. make the best trucks and avoid the obstacles.

Stickman Swing is a skill-based racing game that features a stickman acrobat. The player's goal is to use their knowledge of physics, hand-eye coordination and timing to help the stickman reach a black-and-white-checked vertical finish line wall at the end of every level by performing acrobatic stunts. 

Every level features one or more posts that the player helps the stickman swing from to reach the wall. The levels also feature helpful objects and hindrances, such as bouncy pillows and wide gaps between stationary platforms.

The stickman starts out as a blue ball bouncing in place. The player directs the character to attach a rope to a nearby post that's represented by concentric circles. They then direct the character to swing from post to post.

Stickman Swing doesn't require the player to use every post. They don't even need to see the stickman swinging at times. The only thing that matters is that the stickman's ball form must still fly through the air at the right moment to attach to a new post or ram through the finish line.

After a certain number of levels, the player can change the stickman's appearance. For example, they can unlock a blue cape and goggles with a red outfit by Level 10. At Level 20, they can acquire a purplish-pink stickman wearing a gold crown and a royal purple and white cape. Other skins include a black ninja wearing a red headband (Level 30), a character similar to Spiderman (Level 50) and a yellow stickman with a black hat, tie and sunglasses (Level 60).

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How to play:

Direct the stickman ball to attach a rope to a post, and then swing from post to post. Release the stickman close to the finish line while it's swinging toward the wall.


Mouse: Click buttons. To make the stickman avatar swing from post to post, repeatedly press and release the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To make the character swing from post to post, repeatedly press and stop pressing the trackpad or screen surface.

About the Creator:

Stickman Swing is created by Stug. They have also created the following games:

Stickman Swing Walkthrough

Stickman Swing Online

You can play Stickman Swing online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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