Stick War Infinity Duel

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Stick War Infinity Duel

Play Stick War Infinity Duel for free now on Jopi. Stick War Infinity Duel is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Stick War Infinity Duel is developed by In this game, you control a stick character as you face off against others on a virtual battlefield. You can defeat your opponents by picking up weapons dropping from the sky or throwing them off the sides of the battlefield.

Stick War Infinity Duel allows players to face off against an unlimited amount of computer players. Those looking to play with their friends can choose the two-player option, but you're limited to only playing locally with two players.

Stick War: Infinity Duel, also stylized as Stick War: Infiniti Duel, is another fun HiHoy fighting and survival game from the popular Stick War series that uses ragdoll mechanics and real-world physics in each battle. The player must direct a stickman avatar against another stickman fighter that represents the game's AI or a separate online player. Their only goals are to prevent the death of their avatar and kill the other stickman.

The player starts by selecting an environment and weapons. They can allow the game to choose as well by using the Random option. Afterward, they must choose the 1 Player or 2 Player mode. From that point on, all play is the same, no matter the mode. Each stickman in the duel must fight until one character's health meter disappears.

As with every game in this series, the fighting environments, or arenas, are nightmare landscapes with numerous dangers. The player must not only deal with floppy ragdoll mechanics that make maneuvering their avatar more difficult. They must also deal with the other stickman shooting at their avatar and environmental threats, such as collapsing platforms, dropping stones, spiked walls that slide in toward the fighters from the sides, and swinging spiked platforms on chains. Any of these threats can reduce their avatar's meter.

Stick War: Infinity Duel allows the player to hide their avatar from a threat. For example, if a multi-laser cannon shoots at the fighters from above, they can use a platform that tilts downward to drop their stickman below the battlefield into a pit temporarily to protect it. If they fail for any reason and their avatar dies, they can start over without penalty.

How to play:

Select an environment and weapon, or use the Random option. Select a mode. Quickly scan the arena and weapons. Act fast when directing the avatar to fight back. Avoid deadly obstacles. Kill the other stickman.


Keyboard: Stick War: Infinity Duel requires a keyboard. To direct the P1 avatar, use the Arrows for movement and L for attacks. To direct the P2 avatar, use the WASD keys and F, respectively.
Mouse: Click buttons and icons.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons.

Stick War Infinity Duel Walkthrough

Stick War Infinity Duel Online

You can play Stick War Infinity Duel online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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