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After the release of the first Geometry Dash (GD) game in 2013, the series gained popularity because it offered extreme racing challenges that required players to not allow an in-game character to touch objects while paying close attention to lighting and sound. Over time, users could also build their own levels and challenge each other. Today, players often attempt to create the most difficult and crazy levels possible. Beyond typical easy, normal and hard play, these games often feature endless elements and harder, insane and "demon" levels with ultra-extreme challenges and obstacles. The demon levels offer increasing degrees of extreme difficulty and different versions of the main character with unique play options.

Game Play

Geometry Dash features a geometric shape that moves automatically along a surface. The player attempts to direct the character away from threats to reach the end of a level or world. They click or tap to direct the character to jump, fly, roll and perform other maneuvers. The character sometimes transforms into a shape riding a flying saucer, using wings or walking with legs. Additionally, the player must often collect objects, such as coins, diamonds and stars. A hair's breadth click or tap mistake can send them back to the beginning of a level or even the entire game.

Special Warning

Geometry Dash games usually contain flashing lights and objects and rapidly shifting tones and sounds that can adversely impact the health of people with certain conditions, including epilepsy, migraines and visual and hearing sensitivities.

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