Spooky Dash

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Spooky Dash

Play Spooky Dash for free now on Jopi. Spooky Dash is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Spooky Dash is a Geometry Dash racing side-scroller level titled Scary Skeletons in which the player helps one of ten available avatars survive dashing through a Halloween-themed environment. The game features various types of jack-o-lanterns, including one that has a monocle and mustache and another with a Harry Potter lightning bolt scar, a Rick Astley icon, a white skull, a skull wearing black sunglasses, and a skull with demon eyes.

No matter the selection, the avatar slides in classic dash style along the ground toward obstacles in its path, including single and stacked white-outlined black blocks, objects that pop up from the ground, and spikes hanging from chains and platforms. A nighttime dark blue background, dead trees, wrought iron fences and floating candles add to the spooky atmosphere.

Spooky Dash also allows the player to create their own level within the game. They can load a previously created level or build one. Although they can only use up to five brush heads or categories, each option reveals many different items. Two music options also exist.

How to play:

Select the leftmost icon on the home screen to review the avatar options. Select one of the characters. If desired, use the rightmost icon on the home screen to build a level. To play, use the center icon. Direct the avatar to jump, bounce, fall and roll across the terrain without touching any surface.


Keyboard: Use the Arrows or WASD keys to direct the avatar's actions.
To build a level, use the 1 to 5 keys to switch brushes or categories. Press each key repeatedly to see the various items available for each one. Use O to save the level.
Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To direct the spooky avatar's movements, click or long-press the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To direct the avatar, tap or long-press the touch pad or screen.

Release date:

December 2023

Spooky Dash Online

You can play Spooky Dash online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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