Pax con

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Pax con

Play Pax con for free now on Jopi. Pax con is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Paxcon is a hybrid between pacman and connect. The goal is to rule the field by moving the pacman to create a line, when you connect the line with a border the piece is conquered. But watch out for the ghosts, if they touch you or your line you are game over. Try to get as far as possible.

Pax con tips

Try to stay away of the ghosts, they will touch your paxcon if they are close, make sure to track their movement to see where they are going.

How to play pac-xon

Dill the empty space and capture the ghosts by building walls (you build walls to move in the playing field). If you fill more then 75% of the empty space you will go to the next level. If a ghosts catch you, you will lose one life.

Pac-xon power-ups

- Yellow ball: Ghosts are afraid of you and you can eat them
- Cherry: You move faster
- Banana: Ghosts move slower
- Ice-cream: Ghosts stop moving for a while Pax-con is a game that draws elements from a combination of Pac-Man and Connect. Players must move their Pac-Man character around the game field in order to draw lines that form walls. The goal is to connect the wall lines drawn by players to the borders of the field. Each successfully completed connection will conquer that portion of the field for the user. But watch out for ghosts roaming the field! They will try to chase you, and if the ghosts touch your character or any part of the wall line you are drawing the game will be over. By conquering more than 75% of the available field, players can move on to the next level. Each level will be increasingly difficult and require more skill to progress further on.

There are also a number of power-ups available within the game that give the player an additional boost. By eating a yellow ball, ghosts will become afraid of the player and the player can eat the ghosts. Cherries give the player a speed boost. Eating a banana will cause the ghosts to move slower and make them easier to avoid. The ice cream power-up will completely freeze the ghosts for a short time.

Pax con Walkthrough

Pax con Online

You can play Pax con online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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