Little Big Snake

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Little Big Snake

Play Little Big Snake for free now on Jopi. Little Big Snake is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Little Big Snake is a multiplayer snake game similar to in which players attempt to make their avatars the largest snakes in battle arenas. The player starts the game with a basic Grass Snake. Over time, they can earn or receive as gifts enough rubies to buy over 100 different Rare, Epic and VIP snakes and snake bodies outfitted with the heads of other animals and creatures. Popular skins include Shinobi San, Serpent of the Flame, Sand Snake, Lake Cthulhu, Skull-Faced Serpent, Frankenstein, Pink Piggy, Forest Snake, Sea Cthulhu, Vampire and Reaper. If the player collects every skin, they can trade their collection for a Legendary Skin.

The player's primary objective is to grow their snake to the largest size possible to prevent it from being killed by other players. They must slither around the battle arena and gobble up various sources of energy and other forms of power, including bubbles that contain boosters, slimy slugs and balls of energy. They can also attack smaller snakes and eat their energy.

Eventually, the player's snake receives a crown and a banner. The player can also buy increased abilities for their snake in the Evolution area, including more energy and recovery speed. Additionally, the player receives rewards in the Achievements area. After Level 10, they can even find and raise pets.

Lastly, Little Big Snake features an Observer mode that allows the player to watch action live in the battle arena and learn tricks to improve their gameplay.

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How to play:

Look at the minimap to find large, crown-wearing snakes. Navigate away from these areas. Eat slugs, burst bubbles and collect energy balls, boosters, keys and other objects. Directly hit or encircle and attack smaller snakes. Use the acceleration option or water to move quickly. Whenever possible, upgrade the snake skin.


Mouse: To make the snake slither, slide the mouse in any direction. To accelerate, press and hold the left button, and slide the mouse.
Mobile: To make the snake slither, slide a finger or stylus across the touch pad or screen. To accelerate, press and slide across the surface.

Little Big Snake Walkthrough

Little Big Snake Online

You can play Little Big Snake online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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