FNF Music Battle 3D

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FNF Music Battle 3D

Play FNF Music Battle 3D for free now on Jopi. FNF Music Battle 3D is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
FNF Music Battle 3D is a music competition game. FNF's popular Girlfriend ("The Girl") and Boyfriend ("The Boy") have decided to compete against each other! On a raised stage with speakers, each character receives an opportunity to prove if they have what it takes to make the best combination of sounds. The player helps The Boy achieve this goal by performing specific moves with the controls needed for The Boy to keep up.

During each turn, the game displays arrows that float upward on the screen. The player must use their keyboard or the on-screen buttons with their mouse or mobile controls to quickly match the arrows to create the right beat.

Each character receives one or more turns. A progress bar at the top-center of the screen displays the tops of the two characters' heads. The player must attempt to keep up enough with the controls to guarantee that The Boy's head is on The Girl's side of the bar when a separate timer bar finishes its countdown.

FNF Music Battle 3D presents the player with increasingly complex arrow combinations with each new level. They can speed up the action when it's The Girl's turn at any time by using a skip-ahead button in the lower-right area.

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FNF Music Battle 3D -

How to play:

When directed by the game, perform the keystrokes, mouse clicks, or trackpad or screen taps needed to match the arrow icons flowing up the screen. Win the game by keeping up perfectly via fast, matching actions. If desired, use the skip tool to speed up The Girl's actions.


Keyboard: FNF Music Battle 3D works with a keyboard. To make matching selections, use the Arrows or WASD keys.
Mouse: Click buttons. To use the arrows, click each one rapidly.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To use the arrows, tap each one rapidly.

Release date:

Sep 2021

About the Creator:

Grass Reaper, Twerk Race 3D, Gun Head Run, Truth Runner, Draw Two Save Save The Man, Super Kick 3D World Cup, Tornado Giant Rush, Take Apart, Chain Disk 2048, Find The Difference Emoji Puzzle,

FNF Music Battle 3D Online

You can play FNF Music Battle 3D online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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