Amogus IO

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Amogus IO

Play Amogus IO for free now on Jopi. Amogus IO is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Amogus IO, also known as, is a multiplayer, total-dominion game that features characters similar to the ones in the popular Among Us social deduction game. A player must attempt to conquer as much of a spaceship territory as possible without their character being killed by one of the other players.

Every player is attempting via their avatars to grab territories. A player uses their character to mark out their selected zone with paint. Any time the player's character paints a closed loop, they conquer that area of the territory. The interior of the loop fills with their paint color. If the player can't close their loop before another player crosses their path, their character dies a gruesome death with half their body exploding away to reveal bone and blood. If they cross the path of another player who hasn't closed a new loop, then that player's character experiences the same type of death.

Amogus IO offers two distinct leaderboards. Players can aspire to rank within the top 10 best players based on score and kills. The game also displays their score, best score, time played and players defeated every time they lose a round.

How to play:

Look for blank space. Move away from the current painted spot. Walk the character back toward the spot to create a loop. Direct the character further out to make larger loops. Navigate them through other players' territories while still creating loops to take those areas.


Keyboard: To paint a line and complete a loop, press the arrow keys.
Mouse: To complete a loop, roll the mouse across a smooth surface in the desired directions.
Mobile: To make a loop, slide a finger or stylus across the surface of a touch screen or pad in the desired directions.

About the Creator:

Amogus IO is created by DRA. They have also created the following games: Impostor IO,

Amogus IO Walkthrough

Amogus IO Online

You can play Amogus IO online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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