Lolbeans IO

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Lolbeans IO

Play Lolbeans IO for free now on Jopi. Lolbeans IO is available to play for free on our website without any downloads. is an online multiplayer elimination game that requires players to compete in real-time battle royale events. The player directs an adorable solid-color anthropomorphic candy bean avatar to rank high enough to survive a series of races or matches to prevent elimination until their avatar is the only one remaining at the end of a final competition.

The player can change their bean's color to one of several base options for free. They pay for additional changes with coin winnings. Skins include Exotic options like a sunflower, an axolotl, a barrel, a thumb, a hotdog and a crab. Animated options like cosmic, cyclops, disco and fire beans also exist. allows the player to enter a random event or scroll through user-created levels based on Best Rated, New and Trending categories. Additionally, the player can create their own environment or set up a party room. 

During a competition, the player must deal with obstacles such as closed doors, drop-away floor panels, giant swinging mallets, slippery inclines and spiked floors. Their avatar must also defend against attacks from other beans. If the bean falls out of an arena, the game respawns it automatically in its last position. The game also provides a spectator option that shows the player a previous match and related obstacles beforehand. 

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How to play:

Select a bean color. Input a username or allow the game to generate one. If desired, use the Spectate option. Set up a party, join a random event, or select or create a custom level. Direct the avatar to bypass or push aside other beans and run, slide and jump. Rank high enough to qualify for new rounds. Win a golden crown.


Keyboard: requires a keyboard. To direct the bean, use Arrows or ASWD. To make it jump, use Spacebar. To open chat, use Enter. To exit a match, use Esc.
Mouse: Click buttons. To change the view, slide the mouse. To make the bean jump, right-click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To look around, slide the stylus or finger. To make the avatar jump, use the trackpad's right button or corner.

Lolbeans IO Walkthrough

Lolbeans IO Online

You can play Lolbeans IO online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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