Gulper IO

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Gulper IO

Play Gulper IO for free now on Jopi. Gulper IO is available to play for free on our website without any downloads. is a multiplayer battle-arena game that features black and glowing neon worm-like snakes. The player's goals are to grow their snake avatar by directing it to gulp as many energy pellets as possible, trick and kill enemy snakes, and prevent enemies from killing their snake.

The player can play with or without a username. If they want to join a room, they must enter their username, an @ symbol, the room name, and then select the Play button. They must do this with a room that they know already has more than eight players or direct seven or more friends or others who want to play in the room to sign in at exactly the same time that they sign in. Otherwise, they enter the public arena.

In the arena, the player directs their snake to slither through multicolored small pellets that intermittently appear and disappear or lines of bright golden or white energy balls that appear after another snake dies. Snakes die by colliding head-on into other snakes and walls. The player can track some snakes using a mini map at the lower-right corner. They can track the progress of other players at the upper-right corner. allows the player to review their overall rankings for the day, month and all-time using a trophy icon on the main screen. They can also change the color of their snake by using the rotating ring around the head of an emoji at the lower-right corner of the same screen.

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How to play:

Enter a private room or the public arena. Direct the snake to slither around, avoid enemies, and gulp as much food as possible. Make the snake curl into a ring when another snake approaches to keep it safe.


Keyboard: To accelerate, use Spacebar.
Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To direct the gulping snake's movements, slide the mouse. To accelerate, press the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To direct the gulping snake, slide the tip of the finger or stylus. To accelerate, push against the screen or trackpad.

About the Creator:

Gulper IO is created by Jopi. Jopi creates high quality online games. They have also created the following games: 11 11, Square Game,, Drawar IO, Pixel Mini Golf, Paint Sponges Puzzle, Way To Home, Master Sudou, Space Slide, Warship,

Gulper IO Online

You can play Gulper IO online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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