Paper Flight 2

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Paper Flight 2

Play Paper Flight 2 for free now on Jopi. Paper Flight 2 is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Paper Flight 2 is the next installment of the popular paper airplane simulation side-scrolling platformer series. The player explores the world by flying a paper airplane in different geographic zones. They must reach specific goals in each location before they can unlock the next one. 

The player starts with a basic white airplane, which they must toss into the air with the right amount of force and trajectory to keep it aloft. The game judges each flight based on the number of stars the plane flies through, the distance it travels, and the velocity and altitude it maintains during the flight. The player receives direct and bonus cash based on these and other factors. They also receive special boosters and money when the plane flies through unique objects, such as origami cranes and bubble shields. 

Paper Flight 2 helps the player perform better. The plane uses fuel, which the player tracks via a yellow bar at the upper-left corner. They can run out of fuel, especially if they use a boost option. That said, if the plane flies through a shield, it bounces off the ground and continues flying. 

The player can perform upgrades that improve the plane's capabilities as well. After they reach a specific cash balance, they can make the plane fall slower, retain velocity longer and use less fuel, and even increase the fuel's power. They can also direct the plane through cash multipliers or view ads to build up cash faster.

Take flight with your paper airplane! Customize your plane and upgrade for further flights and higher scores. Enjoy the spectacular backgrounds as your creation takes flight under your control. Catch the stars on your flight and convert them to earn cash for our upgrades and create your paper masterpiece. Choose your color to personalize your plane and watch it soar across the skyline and earn you cash and high scores. Come start your paper plane masterpiece with Paper Plane 2.

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How to play:

Pick up and throw the plane. Make certain its nose points upward as much as possible during the throw. Use boosters and upgrades to keep it in the air longer each time.


Keyboard: When available, boost the plane's fuel usage by pressing the Spacebar.
Mouse: Click buttons. To throw the plane, place the cursor on it, and then click and drag the mouse. To make it go faster, click the booster button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To throw the plane, place the cursor, and then tap and drag the stylus or finger. To make it go faster, tap the booster button.

Paper Flight 2 Walkthrough

Paper Flight 2 Online

You can play Paper Flight 2 online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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