What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you saw the word “breakout?” I’ll give you a clue; it is not about escaping the prison. Breakout games allow you to enjoy the goal of breaking bricks to continue to another level. As you finish every level, the speed of the ball increases and the complexity to hit the bricks become difficult as well. This is not a test of brains but rather a test of precision, dexterity and accuracy. It is time to calculate the projection of the ball as it hits every single bricks. Wall Smash! Tags: wall, arkanoid, balls, bricks, colors, upgrade, moving, aim

Other game categories

  1. Physics
  2. Bubble Shooter
  3. Pacman
  4. Mining
  5. Sonic
  6. Aim and Shoot
  7. Avoiding
  8. Long distance Record
  9. Collection
  10. Concentration
  11. Jumping
  12. IO
  13. Angry Birds
  14. Music
  15. Escape
  16. Fast Typing
  17. Running
  18. Maze
  19. Barrel Moving
  20. Snake