Moto X3M Pool Party

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Moto X3M Pool Party

Play Moto X3M Pool Party for free now on Jopi. Moto X3M Pool Party is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Moto X3M has a history of fun, colorful, and challenge driven games. Adding to this catalog is a fine entry called Moto X3m Pool Party. If you are familiar with previous Moto games then you know just what to expect. Great background and graphics, fun gameplay, and obstacles left and right as you race towards the finish line and prizes galore. You will easily pass the time on a car ride or waiting in a terminal as your little motorcycle loops, spins, and jumps its way to victory over dozens of maps. Throw in a little customization, and course a sunny beach atmosphere, and you too will be jumping the sand dunes with a big smile on your face before you know it.

Moto X3M: Pool Party is another heart-pounding Moto X3M racing game. The player directs a character on a dirt bike to speed down complex and dangerous seaside race courses. They must make their avatar perform death-defying stunts to reach the finish line for each level. If they complete a course in a specific number of seconds, they earn three stars.

The game provides a base character and bike. If the player earns enough stars, they can eventually upgrade to other outfits and bike designs. They can even outfit the character in a chicken-themed helmet and jacket.

The player starts a course by directing the character and bike on level, flat, inclined, and even loop-de-loop surfaces. They might need to race it across the top of walls or down massive underwater pipes. 

During a race, the player must also bypass many deadly traps that suddenly appear before their avatar, including massive rolling and bouncing spiked balls, floating blocks that sink when touched, and projectiles fired from multiple weapons in tight spaces. If they're not careful, the character dies in horrific ways. Even too much forward or backward can cause an explosive end for the character and their bike.

Thankfully, Moto X3M: Pool Party offers lifesaver-shaped save points that switch from red to green when passed by the character. If the racer dies, the player doesn't have to restart. Their avatar returns to the last save point.

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How to play:

Direct the character to accelerate and jump over or race beyond threats. Prompt it to perform stunts. Reach save points and the finish line. Use star rewards to eventually upgrade the character and dirt bike.


Keyboard: Moto X3M: Pool Party requires a keyboard. To make the bike accelerate, stop or flip, use the Arrows or the ASWD keys.
Mouse: Click buttons and icons.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons.

About the Creator:

Moto X3M Pool Party is created by Madpuffers. They have also created the following games: MOTO X3M, Moto X3m Winter,

Moto X3M Pool Party Walkthrough

Moto X3M Pool Party Online

You can play Moto X3M Pool Party online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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