Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel

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Color Tunnel

Play Color Tunnel for free now on Jopi. Color Tunnel is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Play color tunnel for free! The game is simple in design, tap or click to move the ball through the colored tunnel. but make sure you miss the obstacles by moving your ball in the tunnel. The game goes faster and faster which also makes it more difficult. The soundtrack is up-tempo and provides a lot of energy. Can you reach the end of the colored tunnel? Your scores are kept and you can earn more than 50 trophies. With the gems you collect you can upgrade your colored ball, collect them all.

Color Tunnel, is an endless runner set in endless three-dimensional tunnels. The player's primary goal is to keep a ball from crashing for as long as possible while it rolls rapidly through these spaces. This version of Color Tunnel features all new wild environments and obstacles.

One of the reasons that Color Tunnel is so difficult is because its set with a first-person perspective, which results in the player feeling like each tunnel is moving rapidly in different directions around the ball. The initial ball options also blend enough with the background colors to make it difficult to see the ball at times. The game marks the ball's progress with a multi-colored paint line, but it blends sometimes as well.

It's important to keep in mind that the speed of the ball's run makes it difficult for the player to gauge the distance between the ball and a trap at times as well, including its distance before reaching ring and fan blades, moving spikes, rolling spiked logs and giant springs. If the player allows the ball to crash, they must start over.

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How to play:

Try to anticipate the movement of obstacles and traps before the ball reaches new sections of tunnel. Direct the ball away from threats or between gaps. Keep the ball rolling without crashing for as long as possible.


Keyboard: To direct the ball to the left, press Left Arrow or A. To direct the ball right, press Right Arrow or D.
Mouse: To direct the ball away or through obstacles and traps, press the left button, and then slide the mouse to the left or right.
Mobile: To direct the ball's movements in the tunnel, press the touch pad or screen, and then slide a finger or stylus pen to the left or right.

Color Tunnel Walkthrough

Color Tunnel Online

You can play Color Tunnel online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.