The Spear Stickman

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The Spear Stickman

Play The Spear Stickman for free now on Jopi. The Spear Stickman is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
The Spear Stickman is an endless arena game that emphasizes spear-throwing skills. The player directs a silhouette-style avatar on a black platform to use spears to knock down or kill one or more enemies who use bows and arrows, spears and other weaponry. Their ultimate goal is to play as long as possible to earn a high score and enough apple-embossed gold coins to upgrade their avatar.

The player can direct the stickman spear thrower to hit an enemy in the foot, leg, torso or head. That said, only a head shot results in instant death. Once the player defeats an enemy, a new fighter appears in a different position. Over time, more than one fighter appears on the playfield. Also, the player must often shoot apples suspended above the head of an enemy fighter. 

The Spear Stickman requires that the player learn how to use a white targeting dot and line to adjust each throw to take into account new distances and angles. They must also account for the force needed behind a throw, depending on the other factors. If they fail to hone these skills, they might under- or over-shoot an enemy target or targets. They might also only hit an enemy fighter's foot repeatedly.

When the player saves enough gold coins, they can buy different helmets, masks and other headgear. These options include fun, quirky items like mushroom cap and watermelon skin helmets.

How to play:

Locate the enemy fighter or fighters. Position the targeting spot. Draw the targeting line. Always keep in mind distance, angle and force. Throw spears and kill enemies for as long as possible. Use coins to perform upgrades.


Mouse: Click buttons. To direct the stickman to throw a spear, click a spot to position the white dot, and then click and drag the mouse.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To throw a spear, position the dot, and then tap and drag the tip of the finger or stylus.

Release date:

Jul 2017

About the Creator:

The Spear Stickman is created by QKY games. They have also created the following games: Pixel Skate, Smiling Glass 2, Falling Lovers, Xtreme Racing, Ragdoll Fall, Street Dunk, Arrow Twist, Ball Challenge, Flipping Gun Simulator, Bottle Shoot,

The Spear Stickman Online

You can play The Spear Stickman online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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