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Truck games usually give players the ability to experience recreations of actual commercial and custom recreational truck driving scenarios. Most Truck games feature realistic, functional truck designs. Players can follow preset routes or explore highways, bi-ways and dirt roads off the beaten path.

Some Truck games require players to complete real-world-style tasks, such as picking up cargo, driving around accidents and other obstacles, driving over rough terrain or reaching a destination by a specific time. Players can also find Truck games that require them to win competitions, such as big rig, offroad or cross country races and stunt displays at monster truck shows. They might also need to play and win mini-games, such as match 3 tile and physics games. In some Truck simulation games, the player doesn't have to win anything. The game merely allows them to pretend that they're driving a truck.

Life Is a Highway
We've gathered some of the best free Truck games found anywhere online that offer simulation or match 3 and other mini-game options, including Animal Transport, Animal Zoo Transporter, Cargo Truck Trailer Transport, City Truck Driver, Extreme Offroad Cars 3, Garbage Truck Simulator, Heavy Trailer Sim, Impossible Truck Challenge, Indian Cargo Truck Simulator, Island Monster Offroad, Monster Truck Stunts, Offroad Truck Driving, Oil Tanker Transport, Truck Driver Cargo and U.S. Cargo Truck Driver.

You don't need to have a driver's license or CDL to hit the road in these trucks. Test your driving skills today.

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