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Our wide selection of Watermelon games includes extremely popular titles like Animal Merge, Cats Drop, Fruit Merge Reloaded, Merge Diamonds, Merge Fruit Time, Merge Melons, SSRB Suika, Sweet Merge, Super Watermelon and Watermelon Game.

What are Watermelon games?

Watermelon games, also commonly referred to as Suika games, represent a subcategory of Logic-Puzzle, Physics and Strategy games that share the most similarities with 2048, Merge and Sliding-Tile games. The player merges identical objects in a container, such as a clear or tinted bag, box or cup placed against a wall in a generic room or kitchen, to create new objects and eventually achieve a final, ultimate creation. The first games in this category featured the merging of various anthropomorphic fruits to create a whole watermelon. Other common merge objects include bubbles, cats and gems.

The game that made this subcategory so popular was the April 2021 Suika Game by Aladdin X. It was a clone of a Chinese game titled Merge Big Watermelon, released earlier the same year. Suika means watermelon in Japanese. As a result, players often find clones of the original called Watermelon, Suika or some combination of the two words. Even though combining the words is equivalent to calling a game "Watermelon Watermelon," several clones exist that contain the words Suika Watermelon and Watermelon Suika. 

How do Watermelon games challenge players?

Many experienced players around the world consider Watermelon games the hardest merge challenges to ever exist because of limited available container space to finish a final evolution that creates a watermelon. These games challenge players as well with a horizontal line or other demarcation at the top of the container that the player must never allow fruit or other objects to pile up to or flow over.

When a player drops objects one at a time into a container, matching ones merge together to form a new one. Although some games offer an evolution chart and preview area to help the player see the correct merges to reach a new evolution and plan ahead, the objects sometimes bounce or roll like balls, drop like stones, or float upward like balloons. These actions make it difficult for the player to estimate how objects might perform when dropped into the container. In some games, the force of a merge can also make a newly made object fly up into the air and drop in an unexpected spot.

What makes Watermelon games an obsession? 

Many people love when they make accurate predictions that bring about positive outcomes. They also love the challenge of trying to reach a specific goal while facing the risk that they might have to start over from scratch if they fail. Yet, the seemingly most addictive qualities of Watermelon games are the super cute characters, happy artwork and music, and fun, simple game mechanics.

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