Stickman Hook

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Stickman Hook

Play Stickman Hook for free now on Jopi. Stickman Hook is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Learn about geometry and physics while enjoy complex acrobatics!

Madbox has taken skill-based platformers to the next level with Stickman Hook. In this funny and fun game, a player must help a stickman cross more than 100 increasingly difficult levels to break out through a black-and-white-checked, finish-line wall.

Become adorable or frightening!

The player starts out with an exited, highly acrobatic, red stickman, but they can switch to many other avatars almost immediately. Additional avatars include a green-and-orange dragon that blows fires, a jumping hamburger, a dancing cactus, a yellow-and-white pup, a shuriken-throwing ninja, a bouncing, excited sheep and a robotic spinning top that changes colors. As the player progresses through the levels, they can unlock other stickmen that dress in different ways, such as an orange stickman that has two green leaves growing out of the top of his head, a gray stickman with red eyes who is wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy, a pink stickman with white angel wings, a black stickman with a devil's wings and a blue stickman with a golden crown. The player can even eventually return to the red stickman dressed as a legendary superhero who wears a blue cape!

Reach new heights!

Once the player chooses their avatar, they face a straightforward sidescroller that begins with the stickman or other avatar transformed into a round ball that bounces on a soft, white-and-black pillow. After they initiate action, they must help the avatar bounce on other pillows, perform stunts and use lines and hooks to swing from posts. The posts appear in a front-view perspective as half-white and half-blue circles. These circular ends of the posts feature a dot that turns red when the stickman swings from them.

The player doesn't need to make the stickman use every post. Instead, they must simply consider his speed in either his ball or swinging state and ideas associated with geometry and physics to determine his trajectory and correct actions. Even if the player can't see the stickman while he's bouncing or swinging, they can determine where he will appear next when returning from an offscreen location. If the player fails by allowing the stickman to fall below the bottom of the screen, the level resets. If they succeed, the stickman breaks through the finish-line wall with a blue streak of power and colorful confetti and then dances on the next screen.

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How to play:

Keep the red stickman or choose a non-stickman avatar. Hook a line to a post and swing the stickman or other avatar to the next post or bouncy pillow. Repeat as needed to reach the finish line. Unlock and use special stickman avatars.


Keyboard: To hook a line to a post and make the stickman or other avatar swing, press down the Spacebar key without releasing it. To unhook a line, release the key.
Mouse: To hook a line to a post and swing, press and hold down the left button. To unhook the line, release the button.
Mobile: To hook a line and swing, press against the touchscreen or trackpad. To unhook it, stop touching it

Release date:

November 2021

About the Creator:

Stickman Hook is created by Madbox. They have also created the following games:

Stickman Hook Walkthrough

Stickman Hook Online

You can play Stickman Hook online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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