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What are Minecraft games? 

Minecraft games primarily fall under the Open World and Sandbox categories. A player explores seemingly endless pre-built and custom environments, harvests and mines resources, and builds or crafts objects freely without limits.

Game programmer and designer Markus "Notch" Persson released the original classic Minecraft to the public in experimental parts in 2009 and then fully in 2011. Clone versions of Minecraft, often also referred to as block world games, have become known as "Minecraft Games." All the games in this category usually share elements with other popular categories and sub-categories of games as well, including action-adventure, arcade, mystery, puzzle and even battle royale, first-person shooter and survival. 

At the most basic level, Minecraft games feature three-dimensional, pixelated block forms to represent environments, people and objects. These games usually prompt a player to do their own thing and create environments and other in-world features. Typically, they perform crafting (i.e., find and acquire raw materials, build environmental elements, tools, structures and bigger tools, raise and eat or sell livestock, and sell handmade goods). That said, they might also face in-game challenges, missions and tasks.

What do players find challenging in Minecraft games?

The games require the player to often use computer keyboard keys to navigate landscapes and perform actions. Additionally, they might find the locked cursor difficult to use when attempting to switch their avatar's perspective. Players who lack previous exposure to pixelated graphics can feel initially uncomfortable with the block format.

Beyond these technical challenges, players need a lot of time and patience to explore, find resources, acquire materials, create environments, structures and tools, set up in-game merchant-style businesses, and perform other tasks. Since these games can have many different modes, players often find the sheer number of custom player-created environments and optional ways to play daunting, especially when trying to navigate the many servers, character upgrades, world mods and other offerings.

A player might enter a pre-built world in which they must direct their character to find and create weapons or dig underground tunnels or shelters to fight or hide from other players' avatars or even zombies, respectively. They might also need to direct their character to collect a specific number of hidden special items or perform great physical feats without save points.

Why are Minecraft games so popular?

For every challenge presented by Minecraft games, players enjoy almost total freedom to explore, craft and perform other tasks to their hearts' content. They can usually take a break or quit whenever they like, without penalties or restrictions. They can share their creative efforts with other players and explore the environments and ideas created by the imaginations of people from all around the globe.

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