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Lumeno is a connect-style, match-3 game that uses orbs instead of bubbles. A player's primary objective is to score as many points as possible before they run out of moves.

The player must connect three or more orbs of the same color on a playfield set in a nighttime fantasy forest where lights float through the air. They connect the orbs by merely drawing a line from one orb to another along horizontal, vertical and diagonal paths. If the player draws through boosters when they make the connections, they remove non-matching orbs as well.

Boosters include horizontal and vertical rockets that take out seven orbs at one time. The game also offers a variety of boosters on a sidebar to the right of the board, including boosters that swap orb colors, swap the positions of two orbs, remove a single orb at a time and create upgrade wisps that turn orbs into boosters. The player can also create wisps that transfer a booster to any spot by merely connecting four orbs.

Lumeno offers the player several options to earn a higher score and keep playing for a long time. The game features flowers that display numbers. Every time the player removes one of these flowers from the playfield, they transition to the next level and receive a score multiplier and extra moves.

How to play:

Look for three or more orbs of the same color that are close enough to connect with a line. Draw the line. Wait for the orbs to disappear and new ones to fill the playfield. Repeat the process. Remove flowers. Use boosters to earn higher points faster.


Mouse: To connect three or more matching orbs, position the cursor over the first orb, press the left button, slide the mouse on a path along the other orbs and any boosters of the same color, and then release the button.
Mobile: To connect three or more orbs, position the cursor, press the trackpad or touchscreen surface, slide the finger or stylus pen to draw a line along the other matching orbs and any boosters, and stop pressing the surface.

Lumeno Walkthrough