Mahjong Chain

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Mahjong Chain

Play Mahjong Chain for free now on Jopi. Mahjong Chain is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Play the classic Chinese game of mahjong. Match the tiles to remove them from the board. Remove them all to win. Challenge yourself to beat the clock. Click on the Hint button if you need help. If you need to take a break, you can hit the pause button to save your time.

Mahjong Chain, a timed tile-matching game similar to Mah Jon Connect, features traditional ivory-colored Chinese Mahjong tiles and associated imagery coupled with 12 levels of unique play. The player attempts to reveal the background behind 140 tiles arranged in a single layer on it. They must accomplish this task before an hourglass timer bar below the playfield runs out of color.

The player must match pairs of tiles based on image and value or the category of the images. The tiles depict common numbered bamboo, dots and characters, dragon symbols, and flower and seasonal sets. The game requires the player to use no more than three light blue connection lines to connect matching pairs in side-by-side and stacked adjacent, across-gap and edge positions.

Mahjong Connect repositions the tiles based on the rules for a specific level. For example, with Level 1, the tiles slide down the columns to fill interior gaps after the player makes a match. As a result, the only gaps that remain are at the tops of the columns.

If the player has any difficulty finding pairs, they have several matching tools at their disposal. The game automatically highlights tiles from the flowers and seasons with two separate matching colors. The player can also use the hint option. Unlike many Mahjong games, Mahjong Connect offers an astounding 600 hints. Most games only offer six and require ad video views to earn more.

How to play:

Check the tiles for match opportunities in side-by-side, stacked and edge positions. Remove these tiles. After the appearance of gaps, search for and remove new pairs. Use only three lines of connection. If finding a match becomes too difficult, select the magnifier to use one of the many available hints.


Mouse: Click buttons, icons and tiles.
Mobile: Tap buttons, icons and tiles.

Mahjong Chain Walkthrough

Mahjong Chain Online

You can play Mahjong Chain online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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