Mahjong Alchemy

Mahjong Alchemy

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Mahjong Alchemy

Play Mahjong Alchemy for free now on Jopi. Mahjong Alchemy is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Mahjong Alchemy is a tile-matching game that combines classic Mahjong with symbols from ancient theories that became the basis of much of modern science. The game is divided into different patterns of layered gradient, light blue and brown tiles, such as The Altar, Celtic, Harp, Spiral, Stair Master, Stone Circle, Twin Peaks and The Well. Each tile features either an element of nature or a tool used long ago by alchemists. The player must remove all tiles from the field by matching two tiles at a time before they run out of time on a 15-minute timer. Yet, they can only select uncovered tiles that have at least one non-connected, left- or right-side edge.

The player can modify how they view the tiles to make it easier to scan the symbols. They can switch between Perspective View, which is a view of the board from a diagonal angle, and the standard, top-down view of most online Mahjong games that this game calls Front View.

Mahjong Alchemy isn't an easy game to win. Players often run out of moves or time. The goal then becomes to replay the game to attempt to clear the field or beat the last score.

I had only recently discovered the game Mahjongg. In the game Mahjongg Alchemy, you have to remove all the stones piled up from the board. This is done by looking for pairs that are located on free cellars. The stones are sometimes hidden by other high towers, so play carefully and remove the stones.

How to play:

Find two accessible tiles marked with matching symbols. Select and remove them from the playfield. Repeat with the rest of the tiles to clear the field. If necessary, try again to clear it or beat the last score.


Mouse: To select one of the two matching tiles, position the cursor above it, and press the left button. Wait for the tile to show the selection with highlighting, and then repeat the process with the second tile.
Mobile: To select a tile, position the cursor above it, and tap the touchpad or trackpad surface. Repeat with the second tile.

Mahjong Alchemy Walkthrough

Mahjong Alchemy Online

You can play Mahjong Alchemy online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.