Mahjong Classic

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Mahjong Classic

Play Mahjong Classic for free now on Jopi. Mahjong Classic is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
The classic version of the ancient board game Mahjong! This classic version features beautiful graphics, hundreds of levels and hours of fun. There are several game modes for you to play, from the relaxed modus without time to race against the clock. In race against the clock you must score 3 stars as fast as possible. The objective of mahjong classic is to match pairs of the same tiles and eliminate all tiles. If you are stuck you can use a hint or shuffle the playing board. Can you complete all classic levels?

Mahjong Classic offers traditional Chinese tile-matching gameplay in a virtual format. On a green playfield that features a bamboo theme, a player must remove 144 layered, classic Mahjong tiles designed with Chinese characters, bamboo, dots and bonus imagery. The layered tiles appear in a pyramid shape with the highest stacked layers at the center of the design.

The player must remove non-hidden tiles in matching pairs that have at least one left or right side open on the design. The game displays the number of current open matches at the top left corner of the screen. It displays the number of current tiles still on the board at the top center and a timer at the top right corner.

If the player doesn't like the arrangement, they can start over by using the X button near the bottom left corner. They can also start a level over using a reload button. That said, this version of Mahjong doesn't make gameplay too difficult. It offers an unlimited hint button marked with a light bulb near the bottom right corner that turns any matching open pair pink with highlighter. It also has an undo button that takes back the last move and a reshuffle button that moves all the tiles on the board to expose new pairs.

How to play:

Search the design for open matching pairs of tiles. Clear the pairs to remove the top layers and reveal hidden tiles and layers. Continue to clear pairs to empty the entire playfield of tiles.


Mouse: To select matching tiles on the stack, click one and then the other one. To use one of the mentioned buttons, click it.
Mobile: To select matching tiles on the stack, tap one and then the other one. To use one of the mentioned buttons, tap it.

Mahjong Classic Walkthrough

Mahjong Classic Online

You can play Mahjong Classic online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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