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Patterns Link

Play Patterns Link for free now on Jopi. Patterns Link is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
This is yet another very relaxing online game in which the player has to use the mouse clicks to make the perfect matches of identical patterns to remove them from the screen to earn points. The game features 10 distinct and exciting levels. The tiles to be matched should have a free path between them. Nice game!
Match the patterns of 2 tiles to make them go away. Clear the playing field in the given time to finish the level and to continue to the next level. You start with 7 hints which will give you the patterns to link. Use them wisely. Each level is different and the further you come the more advanced the playfield will be.From level 4 the tiles move sideways and so on. Patterns link is one of our top selected games and is very popular with the visitors of justgames.
Patterns Link is the fun online game where you are given a variety of patterns. From there, you work to find a pair for them. This is a game that requires you to act quickly so that you can score as many points as possible.
When you play Patterns Link, the goal is to match up two matching tile patterns. When you do this, they go away. You have a set amount of time to clear all of the patterns from the playing field. Once you do this, you get to advance to the next level on Patterns Link.
At the start of Patterns Link, you get seven hints that show you the patterns you need to link up. Every level of the game is different. As you advance through the levels, the difficulty continues to increase. Once you hit level 4 of Patterns Link, the tiles start to move sideways which adds to the fun and the challenge of the experience.
This is the perfect option for anyone who is looking for a colorful and engaging online game experience that provides a consistent challenge. Players consistently find themselves working to best their previous high score as they challenge themselves.

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Patterns Link Online

You can play Patterns Link online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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