Om Nom Bounce

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Om Nom Bounce

Play Om Nom Bounce for free now on Jopi. Om Nom Bounce is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Om Nom Bounce, a turn-based shooter with elements similar to arcade and pinball games, brings a player into a brand new story with the cute, candy-loving Om Nom the Nommie. The Spider Wizard has captured Om Nom's friends. The player must fight a variety of villains on checkerboard-style playfields to save them.

The player via Om Nom shoots candy projectiles at waves of enemies, including black and armored spiders and monsters that throw paint and other objects, as they jump down the playfield. They can shoot the candy directly at an enemy or shoot against the sidewalls to bounce it around to hit from the sides and behind.

Om Nom has talents as well that help during a battle, such as the ability to roll down the field, hit an enemy and then heal upon the return. The player merely needs to hit each enemy enough times to deplete their health.

When they win a battle, they earn donuts and candies that they can use to upgrade Om Nom's talents so that he becomes a better fighter. After so many levels, they can unlock boosters to help improve his fighting skills.

Om Nom Bounce requires that the player do more than fight enemies. They must also find several photos hidden throughout dozens of levels to collect for a scrapbook.

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How to play:

Use the onscreen targeting line to choose a direction to bounce one or more candies and other weapons. Fight enemies using Om Nom's talents. Destroy them before they deplete his health. Collect candy and donuts. Buy more talents. Find photos for the scrapbook.


Mouse: To use the targeting line and shoot, press down the left button, move the mouse in a direction, and release the button.
Mobile: To shoot, press the touchscreen or trackpad with the tip of a finger or stylus, slide across the surface in a direction, and then remove the tip.

About the Creator:

Om Nom Bounce is created by Zeptoplab. Zeptoplab is the vreator of the famous cut the rope games and the Om Nom character. They have also created the following games: Cut the Rope Experiments, Cut The Rope, Cut The Rope Time Travel, Cut the Rope 2, Om Nom Run, Om Nom Connect, Om Nom Bubbles, Cut The Rope Magic,

Om Nom Bounce Walkthrough

Om Nom Bounce Online

You can play Om Nom Bounce online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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