Words and Mahjong

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Words and Mahjong

Play Words and Mahjong for free now on Jopi. Words and Mahjong is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Join us in the relaxing world of Words and Mahjong, a delightful blend of word games and traditional Mahjong. Take your time as you match tiles to form complete words, exercising your mind while unwinding with this captivating puzzle game. Embrace the tranquil pace of the gameplay, reminiscent of peaceful meditation practices from the East. Progress through levels at your own leisure, without the pressure of time constraints. Your progress is automatically saved, allowing you to easily pick up where you left off whenever you return. Don't hesitate to make use of hints if you find yourself in need of a little assistance. Let the soothing combination of words and Mahjong provide you with a delightful escape, perfect for a peaceful moment in your day.

How to play:

The game is played on a board, covered with overlapping tiles. Each turn the player forms a word using two open tiles. The list of game words includes nouns in the singular or plural forms. A tile is said to be open if it doesn't have adjacent tiles from above, left or right. If the found word is valid, a pair of related tiles is removed from the playing board. The final goal is to remove all tiles and clear the board.


Controls: - Use the mouse to click on two open tiles to form a word. - The word must be a valid noun in singular or plural form. - If the word is correct, the tiles will be removed from the board. - Use the hint button if you need help finding a word. - Progress through the levels at your own pace, there are no time limits. - The game saves your progress automatically. - Enjoy the slow and relaxing gameplay of Words and Mahjong!

Words and Mahjong Online

You can play Words and Mahjong online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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