Foot Chinko

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Foot Chinko

Play Foot Chinko for free now on Jopi. Foot Chinko is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Foot Chinko is a sports game that turns the fields from international soccer or football matches into essentially pachinko or pinball games. The player must choose a country and team and then successfully navigate soccer balls into the nets of opposing teams across 94 levels. When they prove their skills, they win trophies that the game adds to a trophy case at the bottom of the screen. The game also tracks their stats, including their scored goals and penalties, matches won and played and winning percentage.

When the player wins a match, they earn coins with each goal that they can use to buy boosters that help them bypass obstacles during matches, including pins, cups, traps, paddles, rotating and slide blades and other players. They can freeze the goalkeeper through one turn, get three extra balls, burn all obstacles with a flaming ball and eliminate all rivals on the field. That said, the game also features obstacles that the player can't easily bypass or remove from the field, including electrical lines that destroy balls.

Watch out! Foot Chinko also features streakers who attempt to cross the field during a match.

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Foot Chinko -

How to play:

Use the arrow below the ball to direct the kick. Pass the ball to another player close to the opposing team's net. Bounce the ball into pins and certain other obstacles to make them disappear from the field. Score as many goals and extra goals as possible.


Mouse: To kick the ball, wait for the arrow to swing in the desired direction, and then click the screen with the left button. To pass the ball, wait for a targeting crosshair to appear around a specific player, and click the screen.
Mobile: To kick the ball, wait for the arrow to point in the desired direction, and then tap the game screen by tapping the touchscreen or trackpad surface. To pass the ball, tap the screen when the targeting crosshair appears around the player.

About the Creator:

Foot Chinko is created by Ravalmatic. They have also created the following games: Chess Challenges, Junior Chess, Endless Siege, Algerian Solitaire,

Foot Chinko Walkthrough

Foot Chinko Online

You can play Foot Chinko online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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