Bloons TD 1

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Bloons TD 1

Play Bloons TD 1 for free now on Jopi. Bloons TD 1 is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Bloons TD 1 is a semi-idle tower-defense game in which the player must prevent enemy balloons, or "bloons," from moving along a defended stone path with towers placed strategically along roads. The player wins when they halt the movements of the bloons and successfully protect the region through each level or round of the game.

The player initially receives a preset amount of money and lives. At the beginning of a round, they use their money to install one or more towers. Their tower (i.e., a monkey or tower with turret) options include Dart, Tack, Ice, Bomb and Super Monkey. Each tower offers a unique defense, such as throwing darts or tacks or freezing bloons in place. The player can also upgrade the towers over time to improve each tower's capabilities, such as the number and range of projectiles.

Bloons TD 1 makes play more difficult in several ways. The enemy bloons attempt to overwhelm the towers with higher numbers during each successive round. Specific colors of balloons also have unique properties. For example, blue bloons contain hidden red bloons, which means that one strike isn't enough to stop the enemy.

Every bloon struck down by a tower generates money for the player. When they win a round, they receive additional money. They use these funds toward additional tower installations and upgrades. If they need more money for stronger defenses, they can sell one or more of their current ones.

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How to play:

Place a tower on the far left side of the screen, close to the enemy's arrival point. Place a tower inside a curve of the path to allow it to shoot in all directions. Place a tower near the end to destroy stragglers. Prompt the round to begin. Perform upgrades with the winnings.


Mouse: Click options. To position a tower along the stone path, click and drag the mouse.
Mobile: Tap options. To position a tower, tap and drag the finger or stylus.

About the Creator:

Bloons TD 1 is created by Jopi. Jopi creates high quality online games. They have also created the following games: 11 11, Square Game,, Drawar IO, Pixel Mini Golf, Paint Sponges Puzzle, Way To Home, Master Sudou, Space Slide, Warship,

Bloons TD 1 Online

You can play Bloons TD 1 online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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