Bubble Town Quest

Bubble Town Quest

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Bubble Town Quest

Play Bubble Town Quest for free now on Jopi. Bubble Town Quest is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Bubble Town Quest is another bubble-shooting adventure in the Bubble Town series. The Borbs of Borb Bay are dealing with an invasion from aliens known as Lumps. A player stops Lumps via bubble-shooting games.

The game uses the heads of Borbs and Lumps instead of traditional bubbles. The player picks between an Endless Mode and a Journey Mode. With Endless Mode, their goal is to acquire the most points level after level and continue as long as possible. They can choose to play Straight-Up games in which they shoot at stationary rows or Ball games in which they shoot and the remaining heads rotate to different positions with each move. With Journey Mode, they travel from level to level on a map. Depending on random auto-selection, they might play increasingly difficult Straight-Up or Ball games.

No matter the mode, the player faces several obstacles. They must shoot an extra projectile to wake up some Borbs, known as Lazy Borbs, who fall asleep during gameplay. They must also waste a shot hitting clouds known as Shrouds to reveal hidden Borbs. That said, Bubble Town Quest provides a lot of boosters known as Power-Ups, including a fire-based traditional bubble that cuts away a wide path of non-matching heads and a targeting bubble that adds a crosshair to the cannon's laser system. The game also rewards the player with extra points whenever they bank a shot or complete a combination move.

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How to play:

Align the cannon's targeting laser so that the projectile head can connect with two or more matching ones. Shoot the projectile at them. Whenever possible, use the booster Power-Ups. Continue this process for as long as necessary to win a level.


Mouse: To align the cannon's laser, slide the mouse. To shoot, click the playfield.
Mobile: To align the laser, slide the tip a finger or stylus on the surface of a touch screen or pad. To shoot, tap the playfield.

About the Creator:

Bubble Town Quest is created by MSN. They have also created the following games: Bubble Town,

Bubble Town Quest Walkthrough

Bubble Town Quest Online

You can play Bubble Town Quest online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.