Bubble Mouse Blast

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Bubble Mouse Blast

Play Bubble Mouse Blast for free now on Jopi. Bubble Mouse Blast is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Play Bubble Mouse Blast, a bubble-popping game, a swarm of hungry cats threatens the lives of mice citizens in a city. The Mayor needs help to get rid of these predators. The player must earn a minimum number of stars per level to unlock and visit each city location. They can only accomplish this task by removing all bubbles from several playfields per location. The game has a match-3 element, which means the player must shoot projectile bubbles from a mousetrap ballista at two or more connected matching bubbles to remove them. The Mayor helps by inserting projectiles from a nearby pipe into the ballista. The player can use these projectiles in order or reorder them to make the most of each shot.

After they start to successfully pop bubbles, they receive points and more time on a gauge to the right of the field that has stars attached to it. They also receive access to boosters, such as bombs that blow away cats. If any bubbles slide down to the dashed line at the bottom of the screen, the Mayor faints and the game uses energy to reinvigorate him.

When the player clears a playfield, they receive cash and coins, up to three stars made of Emmentaler Swiss cheese and additional points for any projectiles remaining in the pipe. If they have more than 10 available, they're directed to a special minigame that gives them an opportunity to earn more coins. Bubble Mouse Blast also supplies bonuses for daily and consecutive day-to-day gameplay.

How to play:

Align the ballista. If necessary, swap projectiles. Shoot at two or more color-matched bubbles. Select a booster to use it or return it. Whenever available, play the minigame to earn more money. Buy more bubbles or boosters.


Keyboard: To swap bubbles in the ballista, press the Spacebar.
Mouse: To align the ballista, slide the mouse. To shoot it, click once. To swap projectiles, click one.
Mobile: To align the ballista, slide a finger or stylus pen across a touchscreen or trackpad. To shoot it, tap once. To swap projectiles, tap one.

About the Creator:

Bubble Mouse Blast is created by AOL. They have also created the following games:

Bubble Mouse Blast Online

You can play Bubble Mouse Blast online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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