Flip Bottle

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Flip Bottle

Play Flip Bottle for free now on Jopi. Flip Bottle is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Flip Bottle is a skill sidescroller based on the popular bottle-flipping trend of the last decade in which people attempt to flip bottles in creative ways. A player must have excellent hand-eye coordination to win this game.

The player launches and flips or double-flips a bottle from one horizontal surface to another along a wall until they reach a black-and-white checkerboard shelf that acts like a finish line. The horizontal surfaces are objects commonly found in homes and offices, such as cabinets, clocks, desks, lamps, microwaves, shelves, sofas, tables, toasters, TVs and wall art. Some objects tip sideways the moment the bottle lands on them. The player must relaunch the bottle immediately to prevent it from hitting the floor. If they fail, the bottle makes a squeaky-toy noise, and they must restart the level.

The player receives an extra flip on some levels by flipping the bottle onto a toaster. The bottle launches into the air, and then the player can use their single- or double-flip to reach the next surface. With some levels, the player doesn't need to do anything beyond the first flip because the entire wall is lined with toasters.

Flip Bottle awards coins whenever the player successfully completes a level. With each win, they unlock additional styles of bottles that they can buy with coins. The game also has a slot machine that rewards the player now and then with a fresh bottle design or additional coins.

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Flip Bottle -

How to play:

Pay close attention during the practice round to learn how to properly gauge flipping distances. Launch and flip or double-flip the bottle to move it from one surface to another. Watch out for objects that tilt sideways.


Mouse: To launch and flip the bottle one time, position the cursor on the wall, and press the left button. To perform a double-flip, double-click the wall.
Mobile: To flip the bottle, tap the wall. To flip it twice, tap the wall twice.

About the Creator:

Flip Bottle is created by BPTop. They have also created the following games: Road Turn, Shot Trigger, Charge now, Wheel Race 3D, Rush Race, Knife Jump,

Flip Bottle Walkthrough

Flip Bottle Online

You can play Flip Bottle online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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