Drunken Spin Punch

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Drunken Spin Punch

Play Drunken Spin Punch for free now on Jopi. Drunken Spin Punch is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Drunken Spin Punch is a boxing game that features stickmen designed to fight using ragdoll physics. In one of two modes (1P or 2P), the player does their best to direct their avatar to win five rounds of boxing in a professional ring.

The player might play as either a blue or red stickman that has a robot- or helmet-style head. The fighting style is referred to as "drunken" because the ragdoll fighters often move in ways that look almost like they had a bit too much to drink. They flop and flail about in the ring. Their arms perform a motion that makes their fists spin slightly upward or come down hard during a punch. The player can gain an advantage with their avatar by making it jump up higher than the other fighter, as much as it can given its physical limitations.

The rules of Drunken Spin Punch are simple. The player must deplete their opponent's horizontal health bar of color before the other fighter does the same to their avatar's bar. They know they've won a round when their stickman punches the other fighter out of the ring. One of the five stars below their avatar's health bar also fills with their color (i.e., blue or red). 

If the player doesn't want to continue a round at any time, they can return to the home screen by selecting the central home icon above the number for the current round.

How to play:

Select a mode. In 1P, learn the controls for the red stickman. With 2P, select one of the two fighters. Direct the stickman into a position above its opponent. Use the controls rapidly to keep the avatar punching repeatedly and leaping away from blows. Win five rounds.


Keyboard: Drunken Spin Punch requires a keyboard. As Player 1 (P1), direct the actions of the blue stickman with the WASD keys. As Player 2 (P2), direct the red stickman with the Arrows.
Mouse: Click buttons. 
Mobile: Tap buttons. 

Release date:

November 2021

About the Creator:

Drunken Spin Punch is created by RHM Interactive. They have also created the following games: City Bike Stunt 2, MX Offroad Mountain Bike, Speed Boat Extreme Racing, City Truck Driver, Island Monster Offroad, Drunken Slap Wars, Car Parking City Duel, Revolution Offroad, Trial Bike Epic Stunts, Street Mayhem Beat Em Up,

Drunken Spin Punch Online

You can play Drunken Spin Punch online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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