Our popular Obby games collection includes Obby Blox (Parkour), Obby Parkour Ultimate, Obby Flip, Fun Obby Extreme, Obby But You're On a Bike, Obby Flying Race, Mini Obby War Game, Tower of Hell Obby Blox, Escape the Lava Obby, Obby Arm Wrestling and Rainbow Obby.

What are Obby games? 

Obby games fall under the Dash, Racing, Platformer and Skill categories. A player directs a block- or brick-like avatar to walk, dash, jump and perform parkour moves and other stunts in a wide range of scenarios. The games feature obstacle courses that consist of static (i.e., unmoving) and dynamic (i.e., moving) complex obstacles and deadly traps, such as blocks, chains, checkerboards, logs, mazes, blades, platforms, planks, rings, spikes, tunnels and walkways. These games also commonly offer save checkpoints to make play less stressful.

The name of this category comes from the popular use of "obby" as an abbreviation for themed and non-themed obstacle and parkour courses. Although a debate about pronunciation exists, most gamers associate the term with Roblox games because of players who popularized the usage when talking about obstacle courses. The plural of the word is "obbies." The word can also mean to overcome obstacles in general. 

How do Obby games challenge players?

Many games in the Obby category place obstacle courses, racetracks or similar structures in elevated midair positions in an empty sky, among the clouds, across the top of an ocean or other body of water, and even near deadly surfaces like lava. If the player allows their avatar to fall off a platform, the character plummets to their death or dies as the result of touching a deadly surface. The same outcome occurs if they allow the character to physically touch any deadly trap. 

The player must then restart at the beginning or the last save checkpoint. As a result, they must use precision direction to prevent falls and other forms of death. In some Obby games, the player faces other types of obstacles. For example, they might need to direct their avatar to climb a tower into the sky or win one-on-one physical or sports games against another character. They might also need to fight enemy combatants.

Why do players adore Obby games?

Obby games require skills to win. For the most part, luck isn't a deciding factor. The player needs to prove that they have exemplary critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, patience and timing. Every time they direct their avatar, they experience the heart-pounding thrill of maneuvering it with death-defying moves. The games also commonly offer amazing three-dimensional graphics and a lot of attractive, cute, fun and funny humanoid forms and accessories. Players can modify their avatars to uniquely match their personalities and tastes as well. We have made a selection of Obby games for you to play. You can play our Obby games for free.

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