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Play Rotate for free now on Jopi. Rotate is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
With the ability to turn gravity, you pass a series of test chambers. Once you have mastered these challenges, the chaotic intelligence that manages the installation reveals its purpose. And your time is running out.

Rotate is a grayscale, pixelated dungeon-crawl and escape-room platformer that features unique rotation mechanics. The player's only goal is to help the avatar find a way out of 16 rooms inside an underground facility. 

A frightening, bodiless and manipulative voice tells the player repeatedly that their avatar won't ever escape the facility. Each room has an entry and an exit door. The room's ceilings, floors and walls have oddly shaped borders. The player must sometimes open and close heavy hydraulic doors.

Each room typically features one or more deadly traps between the main doors. The most common traps are rotating circular saw blades and short and long, jagged and pointy spikes. If the avatar even lightly touches one of these obstacles, its body bursts and splashes blood everywhere. 

Rotate makes it possible for the player to effortlessly keep away from these threats. They merely need to rotate the entire room. When they turn the room one or more times, they can use gravity to help the avatar jump to or walk upon previously vertical or unreachable surfaces. The game also provides the player with a helpful non-player cat character. Although the voice claims otherwise, the cat serves as a guide to show the player how to leave a room.

This game features three other fun play options. The player can claim four awards, use a level editor to create custom rooms, and attempt a timed speed run.

How to play:

Review the locations of the exit doors, any obstacles and any deadly traps. Direct the avatar to walk or jump to new spots within a room. If necessary, rotate the room. Follow the cat. Use the exit. Claim awards. Create one or more rooms.


Keyboard: To direct the avatar to walk, use Left Arrow or A and Right Arrow or D. To jump, use Up Arrow, W or Spacebar. For diagonal jumps, use the directional and jump keys at the same time. To make a room rotate, use E or Q. To use an exit, use Down Arrow. To stop the game, use P for Pause or Esc for Escape.
Mouse: Click buttons.
Mobile: Tap buttons.

Rotate Walkthrough

Rotate Online

You can play Rotate online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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