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What are GTA games?

GTA games are crime-themed Action-Adventure and Open World games that include titles like Grand Theft NY, Crime Theft Gangster Paradise, Downtown 1930s Mafia, DTA 8 Summer and Miami Crime Simulator 3D. A player uses a custom avatar to commit a wide range of crimes to rise to the top of local gangs and organized crime empires. They complete missions with the goal of becoming the most powerful criminal or gaining revenge against anyone who hurt their character in the past. 

The first GTA game, Grand Theft Auto, requires players to steal motor vehicles in real-world cities. Over the years since that game's release in 1997, the GTA category has expanded to include titles that feature other types of crimes and stories in 2D, 3D and HD simulations. Although GTA sequels exist, clones of the original series are also available that offer the same or better action.

All GTA games task players with performing any number of crimes and other actions. Clones often also offer fantasy and science fiction elements, such as superheroes and giant robots. Players might need to direct their avatar to perform assassinations and drive-by shootings, plow down pedestrians, or complete non-criminal deeds (i.e., driving a bus, snowmobile or taxi, fighting fires, flying aircraft, or heroically saving people).

How do GTA games present a challenge?

GTA games usually promote widespread anarchy in massive urban environments that feature pockets of unique, smaller locales or zones. After committing a crime, a player often needs to stay one step ahead because their avatar becomes wanted by local law enforcement or criminal enemies. They must then perform extra tasks, such as modify their current vehicle, steal a different one, or pay to stay hidden.

The player might need to prevent their vehicle from exploding or attempt to complete missions before their avatar's health reaches zero. Some games are set in unfamiliar historic time periods and offer limited weapons. The tasks they're expected to complete typically go beyond car theft as well. They might need their avatar to fight and survive in a shootout or rob a bank for a local crime boss.

Why do GTA games excite and engage players? 

GTA games allow players to experience the adrenaline rush that comes from committing and getting away with crimes without real-world consequences. They can experience the thrill that comes from car chases and combating criminal leaders and organizations, the police, and even the military. In many games, they gain access to maps of streets and byways that educate them about real cities and learn the actual controls of various types of vehicles that they might never have the opportunity to test drive or enjoy otherwise.

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