Kings and Queens Solitaire Tripeaks

Kings and Queens Solitaire Tripeaks

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Kings and Queens Solitaire Tripeaks

Kings and Queens Solitaire Tripeaks is a fun solitaire adventure. Choose cards that are 1 higher or lower than your stack to remove them. Clear the entire field to go to the next level. This games takes you through more than 100 challenging levels.

Explore beautiful settings!

The main playfield features two imagery levels with a natural tabletop behind the cards, such as wooden boards or beach sand, and then a secondary landscape behind it. The landscapes vary as the game progresses and the player unlocks new ones, including an initial meadow in a valley filled with yellow wildflowers, a beach in a tropical spot with a view of the ocean and a mountain region covered in snow. After the player progresses successfully through so many levels of the game and wins achievement stars, they can use the stars to unlock and select a new background image.

Take TriPeaks to the next level!

During each game, the player must remove several layers of cards from the playfield that are placed in face-up and face-down positions. They can only perform removals based on next-card, high-low rules, which means that they're initially shown a face-up card next to the draw pile and must draw the next sequential ascending or descending, non-suit card. If they draw a King, then they must find a face-up Queen or Ace on the playfield. If one isn't available, they draw a card from the draw pile.

They win a level if they successfully remove all cards from the field using this method and two "Victory!" banners appear onscreen. If they run out of moves, they must start over in that specific level. With later harder levels, the player must remove one set of cards and then remove additional sets that appear from the side of the field. They can also make gameplay more interesting by competing against friends on Facebook.

Kings and Queens Solitaire TriPeaks offers the player many ways to make gameplay easier and more rewarding. The player receives an in-game cash prize of coins that they can use to undo moves, add lives and even pick extra draw cards. They can also invest in boosters that remove random cards or replace any card.

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How to play:

Check the draw-pile, face-up card and then pick the next sequential, face-up, high-low card on the playfield. If no option exists, turn over the next draw-pile card. Repeat until the correct card becomes available. Continue with high-low rules to remove all cards. Use coins and boosters to speed up gameplay.


Mouse: To select any face-up card to remove it from the playfield or turn it over on the draw pile, position the cursor above it, and then click the left button.
Mobile: To select any card, position the cursor above it, and tap the screen or trackpad with a fingertip or stylus.