Hex frvr

Hex frvr

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Hex frvr

Play Hex frvr for free now on Jopi. Hex frvr is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Hex FRVR is a block game similar to 10x10 and 9x9 board games that require a player to create and remove rows and columns made of polyomino shapes to earn points. With this game, the board and empty cells on it are six-sided shapes (hexagon). The player receives three shapes made of smaller hexagon blocks that they must arrange on the board to create lines. Every time they create a complete line on the board, the game removes the form and rewards the player with points.

When the player removes multiple lines at a time, Hex FRVR rewards them additional points for the combination move and golden coins marked with an infinity symbol. They can use these coins to purchase new themes that change the board, background and shape colors. The initial hexagon-shaped board is dark gray on a black background. The blocks for the shapes are uniform solid colors. Other options include boards and backgrounds in various colors and shapes with neon borders, arcade-style pixels, flower blossoms and gemstones framed with gold.

Hex Frvr is a free, mobile, multilevel puzzle game. The game starts with an empty digital puzzle board, and several little patterns, made up of all hexagons, at the bottom of the screen. The object of the game is to use the little patterns as a real puzzle, and arrange them on the board to fill all the spaces. It starts with fairly simple patterns, and becomes a little more complicated the longer you play, helping to develop strategy and patience skills. It is child friendly and a great way to pass the time.

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How to play:

Select one of the shapes to the right of the board. Place it on any empty section of cells. Pick and place the next shape. Continue this process to almost finish multiple lines. Place one shape to complete a combination move that creates more than one line.


Mouse: To pick and place a shape, slide the mouse to position the cursor above it, press the left button to select it, slide it to an empty section of cells on the board, and then release the button.
Mobile: To pick and place a shape, slide the finger or stylus pen to position the cursor above it, press the surface of the touch screen or pad, slide it to an empty section of cells, and then stop pressing the surface.

Hex frvr Walkthrough

Hex frvr Online

You can play Hex frvr online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.