Helix Jump Advanced

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Helix Jump Advanced

Play Helix Jump Advanced for free now on Jopi. Helix Jump Advanced is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Helix Jump Advanced, also known as Helix Jump 2, takes the original 3D Helix Jump skill game to the next level with a variety of complex challenges. A player must successfully drop a bouncing colored ball through open gaps between planks on the side of a tower that's in the shape of a helix maze. To win each level, the ball must reach the base of the tower.

The player must move the entire tower instead of the ball. They rotate it horizontally to the left or right so that the ball bounces along the planks on each platform before dropping through a gap. The game helps the player see the exact bounce points by making the ball leave paint splatter on the planks. If the ball hits a plank of a different color, it bursts like a balloon and confetti fills the screen. The player must then restart the level.

Helix Jump Advanced forces the player to learn how to skillfully move the tower so that the ball just misses or bounces over obstacles. Some non-matching planks slide automatically around the platform. Some platforms also feature walls made of non-matching planks.

The player receives a fantastic booster. When the ball bounces into a green down arrow, it shoots through platforms. That said, the booster can suddenly stop working, which can result in the ball hitting the wrong plank on the next solid platform.

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How to play:

Shift the tower left or right to reposition the ball through the gaps or so that it hits a green down arrow. Continue to reposition the ball until it drops or shoots down to the base of the tower.


Keyboard: To move the tower left, press the Left Arrow or A key. To move it right, press Right Arrow or D.
Mouse: To move the tower, press the left button, and then slide the mouse left or right.
Mobile: To move the tower, press the trackpad or touchscreen, and then slide left or right.

Release date:

March 2019

About the Creator:

Helix Jump Advanced is created by Hit Games. They have also created the following games:

Helix Jump Advanced Walkthrough

Helix Jump Advanced Online

You can play Helix Jump Advanced online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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