Bubbles And Hungry Dragon

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Bubbles And Hungry Dragon

Play Bubbles And Hungry Dragon for free now on Jopi. Bubbles And Hungry Dragon is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Bubbles and Hungry Dragon is a multiplayer, bubble-shooting game that features daily, weekly and all-time territory and worldwide leaderboards. The game randomly places the player, represented by a dragon avatar, on a two-person team with another player from anywhere in the world to compete against a second team per match. Their goal is to remove as many of the opposing team's bubbles from the field using a dotted targeting line, ring shooter and projectiles.

Every time the team successfully removes three or more matching bubbles, the game treats their action like an attack against a dragon from the other team based on the color of the bubbles removed from the field. For example, when the player removes red bubbles, the game attacks the opposing team's dragon that has a token of the same color. They can remove bubbles faster with special projectiles, such as fireballs. The team with the most points at the end of the match when time runs out wins and earns coins!

The player can upgrade their dragon, bubbles and tokens and use multipliers by watching advertisements. They receive a free daily reward of coins or other items. If they do incredibly well, they can improve the rank of their dragon after a certain number of matches.

How to play:

Look for two or more bubbles that match one of the two projectiles in the shooter. If necessary, swap projectiles. Shoot the bubbles. Watch out for attacks from the opposing team. Never allow the bubbles on the field to slide below it. If necessary, respawn the dragon.


Mouse: To make a shot, slide the mouse around to align the targeting line so that the end points at two or more matching bubbles, and then click the left button.
Mobile: To make a shot, slide a finger or stylus pen around on the screen or pad surface to align the targeting line so that the end points at two or more matching bubbles, and then tap the surface.

Release date:

January 2023

About the Creator:

Bubbles And Hungry Dragon is created by Ubisoft. Ubisoft is well known in the game industry, they develop one of the best online games. They have also created the following games: Stack, Craftnite IO, Idle Miner Space Rush, Tom Clancys Shootout,

Bubbles And Hungry Dragon Walkthrough

Bubbles And Hungry Dragon Online

You can play Bubbles And Hungry Dragon online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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